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Supposedly, it's "summer"...

So why the hell is it so damned cold around here lately? This weather. I do not approve.

The good news is that I'm working again. Only part-time as a survey monkey, but it's better than nothing at all. And they love me there, so that's awesome. ♥

Adrian graduated from preschool this month. He refused to participate in his "graduation," though. He spent the entire ceremony sitting on my dad's lap and pouting because he was so sad that preschool was ending. He wouldn't even let anyone take a picture of him or eat the cookies served.

On a random observation, May marked the 50th anniversary of the independence of Algeria from France. Big milestone, ya? So why the hell didn't we hear anything about it? I looked. I listened. NOT A DAMNED THING. That's... kinda weird.

So, June is coming. And I have my 10-year high school reunion. THAT ought to prove interesting...

Ah, March

So, I must admit, I love a warm March. Everything a month ahead of schedule... Pushing 90 today. Oh, yeah. This is awesome.

I officially have Adrian registered for kindergarten now. Of course, it would just so happen that they no longer run a bus from Pyrtle out to our neighborhood--or any neighborhood, actually. Only the special ed kids get a bus anymore. His school runs from 9 a.m. to 3:38 p.m. (yeah, I know--but the 8 minutes is snow-day insurance, basically), and it was a zoo down there sixteen years ago when I went there. I can only imagine what it'll be like nowadays. So, we're not 100% how we're going to do transportation, or if we'll need to enroll him in before- or after-school care, which is really bloody expensive. Hopefully, I'll be working, which will help, but Dad is allegedly looking for a job again (I don't think he's looking very HARD, though), so we don't have a clue what schedules will look like come August.

Yes, I'm still job-hunting, and really needing to get some kind of income soon, or else I am not going to make it past April. Scary, but true. With luck, the government will actually give me money this time, and hopefully someone will hire me soon. Otherwise, yeah. I'm in major trouble. That, and Dad insists that, if I don't have a job by May, he and Mom are totally kicking me out of the house. A bit ironic, since it's the fact that I can't afford to move out that's keeping me here.

Meanwhile, I think Medicaid dropped Adrian, but I'm not totally sure why. The letter they sent didn't explain a darned thing, beyond "Medicaid Eligibility Change." Which... I don't know why they would have done that since I'm not bringing in any income and haven't had any insurance in almost a year and a half. So, I suppose I'll have to try to get in touch with someone on that, because he needs SOMETHING, seeing as he needs to have vision, hearing AND dental checks before he starts school, and, sans insurance, I have absolutely no way to pay for any of those. It's a good idea anyway, since he's genetically disposed to having sight problems and oral issues down the road. Argh.

Meanwhile, still working on projects. Always got those. Almost too bad I don't earn any money for those, isn't it? Ah well.

Feb. 29th, 2012

I'm pretty sure we just had a February. Maybe. Awfully spring-like for February. As, I'm already seeing crocuses starting to come up. I'm not complaining about this, but something tells me it's going to be a really wacky spring for weather this year.

Adrian attended his first birthday party this month, for one of his preschool classmates. He had a lot of fun, but damned if I will EVER do anything like that for him. 25 kids in the Lincoln Children's Museum and trying to keep track of all the little buggers? No freaking way.

Meanwhile, I'm getting all the paperwork ready for him to attend kindergarten this fall. For whatever reason, his name wasn't on the list, so I had to call to get the packet. No idea how that happened. He was born in Lincoln, and we've lived at the same address ever since *I* went to Pyrtle, so... Go figure. But, he's down for a kindergarten checkup and everything. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to take him elsewhere than his doctor for the vision check, and his Medicaid doesn't cover dental, so... I know he's healthy, but still. Eek. Maybe if I get lucky, Publisher's Clearinghouse will show up with an oversized check that would help. And maybe they'll ride up on magical winged ponies while they're at it. But a girl can dream, can't she?

Oh, yes. And it being Leap Day and all, happy extra day. Woot.

Jan. 31st, 2012

So... You'd not know it was January to judge from the weather. NOTE: I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS. My only worry is that it might hurt the trees. When it's unseasonably warm like this and the sap starts rising early, a cold snap could potentially kill a lot of them. In the meantimes, though, it's been cloak weather! Yay! Usually I don't get to put my cloaks back on until March or April. And, I even got my picture taken today by a random stranger because of it. Cloaks = awesome.

Adrian continues to get bigger. He hit a new milestone--his first obscene gesture. He flipped off my dad the other day. I had to try oh-so-valiantly not to burst out laughing. Dad, of course, totally freaked out over it. Mom was just "he doesn't even understand what he means, and if he didn't learn it this year, you know darn well he'd probably learn it by next year." I say, my kid is a great kid. Well, except at the dinner table. For whatever reason, he has just abandoned all sense of decorum at the table. He bounces around, won't sit in his seat, takes 90 minutes to eat what takes me 20 to finish, and WON'T SHUT UP. He just sits and talks and plays around. I'm tempted to get some Hermes scarves and tie the little bratling to his chair some days. -_-

I am job-hunting again. My seasonal position ran out, so looking for something new. I might try reapplying to Target in March, since they supposedly tend to get front-end openings around then. We'll see. Hopefully, I'll get something decent relatively soon. Mostly because, apparently, my folks have been "talking," and they want me out of the house by this summer. JUST me. Not Adrian. To hear my dad talk, they won't LET me take my own child with me, until "I can take care of myself," upon the threat of calling Child Protective Service on me. I just... I don't even... Yeah. There are no decent words to describe this.

Well, a little is better than nothing...

Okay, so an update on the stolen purse.

Got a call from the police today, saying that a few of my things had been found and turned in, and I can come by to pick them up. I get there, and what they have of mine is a little stack of things from one small pocket of my wallet: my debit card (now useless, seeing as I changed my accounts over), my Barnes and Noble member card, a photo of an old friend of mine, and a couple other rewards cards. Interestingly enough, my Panera card, which was right there with those in my wallet, was conspicuously missing. So... I guess they want my free pastries, but don't want to try messing with my bank account via plastic. Go figure.

They were turned in by the recycling guy (seriously, that's what the clerk told me), and he'd found them not far from where the theft had occurred, so chances are they just dumped my purse and things in the trash after taking what they wanted. Weirder still? That little stack of things that was found? That's EXACTLY how they were found, apparently. In a perfect, neat little stack. So, not only do I get victimized by thieves, I get victimized by OCD thieves, it would seem.

Yeah, I'm at about as much of a loss as you guys are on this one. But, hey, getting a little bit back is more than I'd hoped for. Too bad it wasn't, say, my driver's license and such, but it's better than nothing. Who knows? Maybe someone will find my ocarina next.


And, November comes to a close...

So. November.

Adrian did end up being well enough to go trick or treating on Halloween, so that was good. We had fun. And, for the record... November 1st is too damned early to start shoving Christmas down the throats of consumers. I know IHOP was guilty of it. Even Target was guilty of it--the decorations went up and the seasonal stuff got switched out the moment the store closed on Halloween night.

Speaking of, my new job at Target is going well. I'm making new friends, and I think I'll have a good chance of being kept as a permanent hire after the holiday season if they continue to like my performance.

I've been tagging along with NaNoWriMo ('cause, y'know, since when do I follow rules like that?) by working on my Dragon Age narrative. I completed 2 chapters, and am well on my way through a third, and, most importantly, I DID get through the 50,000 words! Go me! So, yes, I can do it, but it helps when half the work is already done for me.

I am knitting socks like crazy. They take time to do, though, so there's a chance a few people might have to wait to get theirs in the mail a little late. ^_^;;

And JUST when I thought the month was going well... my purse got stolen out of my car on Tuesday. Major bummer. But, that means I lost my wallet (and all the typical stuff that goes IN said wallet), my checkbook, a fair amount of cosmetics, my hand mirror, my chopsticks (yes, I carry them in my purse for those occasional Asian eateries that insist on giving me a fork to eat with. It feels weird eating Asian with a fork), and, saddest of all of the non-super-important stuff: my ocarina and its songbooks. Yes, I did report the incident to the police, though I'm aware my chances of getting any of it back are extremely slim, and I did contact the bank so I should be protected on the financial side of things, minus the expenses of having to replace things.


Why is it that my kid only ever gets sick right before a major observance? As in, I pleaded to get the whole day off work so we could celebrate it and be pirates together. Now, I'm not sure if he'll even get to go to his preschool party or trick-or-treat, since he's not feeling well. I just hope he's over it enough come morning...

Another Year...

So. 'Tis That Day, and all.

As I grow older, more and more I find myself agreeing with Jean-Paul Sartre: "Hell is other people." Especially makes me glad I completely got out of the whole "relationship" scene. Yeah, I know. A Libran misanthrope. Who would ever have guessed?

Another thing? I keep finding myself puzzled when people complain about some aspect of life, and then follow it with "But it's better than the alternative!" Obviously, by which they mean death. But... why? Why does it have to be always the worse alternative? What makes it such a terrible thing? Is it just because it's such an unknown? I don't know. I just don't see it that way. Death is a necessary thing. An important thing. Yes, even a good thing. But it always gets such a bad rap. That should change, I think. Reflections on mortality can be a moving experience, be it your own, someone else's, or just the concept in general. It doesn't have to be grim or depressing. In some ways, it's liberating. Now is an ideal time to do it, especially as imagery and reminders of it become absolutely pervasive this time of year. Not that this is the only time of year to do it--I do so fairly often, and it honestly flabbergasts me that I haven't had mine yet. Seriously, by all rights, this lifetime should have expired for me years ago. Right, right, I know. Freaks people out. This is probably indicative that it's a good thing I never entered the worlds of health care provision or mortuary science.

A Funny Thing Happened...

Ok, so I was downtown on campus today (poster sale--I love to look, even if I don't buy anything), and I got the oddest request today. Out of virtually nowhere, a young man (I assume he was a student) with a European accent approached me and asked if I would be interested in joining a Bible study.


One thing I should probably mention. I like cloaks. I commonly wear them as legitimate outerwear, and today was no different. I typically wear "normal" clothes underneath (t-shirt and jeans today, for example), but, still, it's pretty striking.

Now, I'm guessing he was probably asking several people who walked by, not just me (although if it WAS just me, that adds a whole new dimension of weird), but let's just consider the logic involved here:

A whole plaza full of students walking, talking, whatever. You get to approach one to ask to join your Bible study... and you pick the short chick in the black-with-silver-lining cloak? Really?

Now, the most likely scenario is that the guy was just asking whoever happened to come within a 20-foot radius. But, I didn't see him trying to approach anyone else, and if he wasn't... what would be the motivation? Just to see if I would say "yes?" Trying to "save" me somehow? Some sort of attempt at a pick-up line?

He seemed very nice, but I politely declined, not having really the time, and the little fact that I'm not Christian (not that this is usually immediately obvious--I wasn't wearing anything that would identify me as Pagan, unless you count the cloak), and he didn't press the issue. But still. It was funny.

Life Continues

This week marks the second week I have been the mother of a preschooler. So far, Adrian seems to be enjoying it. Of course, after Week 1, he came home with a cold (which he promptly gave to everyone else in the house). Ah well. Hard to believe he'll be five soon.

Dad turned 60 this past Sunday. Weird thought. And he continues to get Random Things to Become Anally Obsessive Over. The most recent? I am not allowed to park my car in the garage during daylight hours, or he will FLIP OUT. The only exception is if I don't drive anywhere that day (as in, it can stay in the garage if it hasn't been used at any point in the day). Supposedly, he's freaking out over it raising the garage temperature and therefore doing ghastly things to our energy costs. This from the same guy who routinely forgets to shut off lights in the very same garage and frequently will leave one TV on while wandering off to watch another. Yeah...

The Birthday Month has started even earlier than usual. I got my first "Happy Birthday" message from my wireless carrier yesterday, the 30th. That's right, a FULL MONTH ahead of my actual birthday on SEPTEMBER 30th. Of course, considering I don't think I've earned my right to a birthday this year, well... Hmm. Probably doesn't really matter.

In other news, let's see... How about some adventures in Disney symbolism?Collapse )


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